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What We Do

We design gaming accessories for a more diverse crowd. Right now the industry caters accessories to who marketers think a gamer is or looks like. Not here. With us, everyone will be able to find the type of accessory that highlights who they are as people and gamers.

Why We Do It

All gamers deserve to be treated as equals. We support an environment of equality and inclusion in gaming. Gamers come from all walks of life and we celebrate that by creating the accessories that allow them to express what makes us all unique.

Supporting Causes

Gaming lets us go somewhere and be someone wonderous whether it is Zelda in Hyrule or an NFL Rookie or Kassandra in Sparta. That’s why we play.  However, in the real world, there are people struggling and it’s important all people have the support they really need. We support causes that get people the help they deserve.



Atlanta Georgia, USA

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Every gamer is different and unique and each gamer deserves to be treated with respect and as equals.


We need your help in bringing equality and diversity to gaming. Please consider joining us and helping make a change in an industry that has been dominated by straight white men. 

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