CRex Gaming

Simon is our Hedgehog mascot. Why a hedgehog you ask? There are a few reasons behind this and I want to share a bit of our story. When we were designing our brand image we looked through a lot of concepts and ideas but nothing resonated that tied to video games. So the question became what are some iconic video game characters that we could possibly derive some inspiration from?

We wanted something that spoke to both male and female gamers. What was something that was highly recognizable and had a place in gaming history? This took me back to my Sega Genesis days of playing Altered Beast, Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage when it hit me. One of the most popular characters at the time was Sonic the Hedgehog.

Our logo needed to be a tribute to a time in gaming that was pure and with that Simon was born.

You’ll notice over time that Simon’s spikes will change color to celebrate and support different occasions and causes. Simon will be an icon that represents unity in the gamer community.  

We hope that you will love and embrace Simon as much as we do!

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