We are a small company out of Atlanta Georgia that designs gaming accessories. Turns out there are a lot of gaming accessories companies to choose from, especially if you are a man. In fact, they are all for men. None are designed for women or anyone else for that matter. That changes with this company.

My name is Adam Lazzara and with my wife Amber we have decided to take on the underserved market of designing accessories that appeal to all gamers. We also have witnessed firsthand the toxic nature of a gaming community fueled on and funded by testosterone. We will stand against any form of discrimination that presently tarnishes the community because the guiding principle of this company is to create a gaming experience for everyone.

We understand the gaming community is male-dominated. Do we think accessories aimed at women and others will suddenly erase the often toxic culture we have seen? We do not, but we believe this is an important step in creating an all-inclusive environment that is essential for gamers everywhere. Together we can build a better and equal gaming environment.

We thank you for taking the time to read about us and please always feel free to reach out to us and share your thoughts, experiences, product feedback and anything else you’d like share.

We are excited to hear from you and we look forward to sharing our products with you all!


Adam & Amber Lazzara

CRex Gaming

Join The Fight For Equality


Every gamer is different and unique and each gamer deserves to be treated with respect and as equals.


We need your help in bringing equality and diversity to gaming. Please consider joining us and helping make a change in an industry that has been dominated by straight white men. 

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